Chatiquette & other guidelines

This is a set of guidelines for proper chat etiquette in and general usage of The Nineteenth Byte. This is not, and will never be, a complete set of rules. Always use your own judgement and self-control. Remember, you're not the only one chatting, so be considerate of others.

Note that chat flags are not to be used for chatiquette violations, only for urgent or serious violations of Stack Exchange policy, since they alert all 10K+ users and moderators on the network. Instead, notify one of the room owners (caird coinheringaahing, Redwolf Programs, Adám, Bubbler, xnor) or one of the CGCC moderators (hyper-neutrino, Wheat Wizard, Jo King, Doorknob). If it needs to be private, raise a custom flag ("in need of moderator intervention") on the main site (not in chat) on one of your own posts.

For a guide on how to use Stack Exchange chat's markdown system and other features, check out the SE Chat FAQ. Please use the Sandbox to experiment with chat features. If you have questions about how to use chat, you can ask in The Nineteenth Byte and someone can help you out.

Good behavior means:

Do: Be Nice

Do: Be On-Topic

Behavior to avoid:

Don't: Be Disruptive

Don't: Make Noise

Don't: Discuss Suspensions


The room owners of The Nineteenth Byte have a duty to keep the chat room a nice place. In a perfect world, they would not need to use their moderation tools, because everyone would be respectful of each other, and use chat appropriately. However, situations do arise where moderation is necessary, and in those situations the room owners will take action.

Users who violate this chatiquette will be warned, and the violating messages will be removed. Additionally, room owners may kick the user from the room at their discretion. For violations of network-wide policy, which includes aggravating users in the room with repeated violations of this chatiquette, a network-wide suspension may be applied by a moderator.

If your messages are removed, or you are kicked or suspended, please reflect on the cause and make an effort to not violate the chatiquette in the future. If, after reflection, you believe a room owner action was inappropriate, please feel free to bring it up with the other room owners or on Meta for review.

© 2021, Code Golf and Coding Challenges Moderators under the WTFPL. If you have any questions, improvements, corrections, or comments on the chatiquette, ping hyper-neutrino in The Nineteenth Byte.